Precision in Practice: Advanced Certification in Drafting Writ Petitions and PILs By Dr. Kush Kalra Sir
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Precision in Practice: Advanced Certification in Drafting Writ Petitions and PILs cover

Precision in Practice: Advanced Certification in Drafting Writ Petitions and PILs

"Master the art of precision in legal drafting and empower yourself to fight for justice in a comprehensive course led by Dr. Kush Kalra Sir."

Dates: 17th Feb to 17th March Total: 10 hour duration 

Class Timing:

Saturday 7-8pm
And Sunday 10-11am 

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Instructor: Prof. Dr. Kush Kalra (Academician and Lawyer)

Language: English & Hindi

Validity Period: Lifetime

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Welcome to LegalStix Law School, where we provide an exceptional online learning experience for law students. Our mission is to equip aspiring lawyers with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their legal careers. In line with this, we are delighted to introduce our latest course offering - Precision in Practice: Advanced Certification in Drafting Writ Petitions and PILs.

Course Description

Precision in Practice is a comprehensive certification course designed to enhance your expertise in drafting writ petitions and Public Interest Litigations (PILs). Led by Dr. Kush Kalra, a renowned academician and lawyer, this course is specifically tailored to provide you with the necessary tools and techniques to master the art of drafting effective writ petitions and PILs.

Through a carefully curated curriculum, this course will cover various aspects of drafting writ petitions and PILs, including legal research, case analysis, structuring and drafting petitions, fighting for public interest, and techniques for effective advocacy. The course will also incorporate practical exercises and case studies to ensure a hands-on learning experience.

About Dr. Kush Kalra (Faculty)

Dr. KUSH KALRA is a renowned writer and academician. He has written several books on law and is a Limca Book Record Holder for the greatest number of books published on law in a year. Dr. Kalra has also published many articles in reputed national and international journals. A recipient of the National Youth Award by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, he believes that education can make a big difference and improve our lives.


Course Structure

The course is structured into the following modules:

Module 1: Introduction to Drafting Writ Petitions and PILs

In this module, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of drafting writ petitions and PILs. You will explore the significance of writ petitions in upholding fundamental rights and learn about their jurisdiction and limitations. Additionally, you will delve into the trinity of golden triangle and its relevance to writ petitions.

Module 2: Legal Research and Case Analysis

This module focuses on honing your skills in legal research and case analysis. You will learn specific techniques for conducting thorough research, linking facts to remedies, and avoiding hypothetical situations while framing prayers in writ petitions. Through practical exercises, you will develop proficiency in identifying landmark cases and handling challenging situations under writ petitions.

Module 3: Structuring and Drafting Writ Petitions

In this module, you will master the art of structuring and drafting writ petitions. You will understand the key components of a writ petition and learn how to effectively frame prayers. The module will cover different types of writs, including Habeas Corpus, Mandamus, Certiorari, Quo Warranto, and Prohibition. You will also gain insights into the concept of alternative remedies.

Module 4: Drafting PILs and Fighting for Public Interest

Module 4 focuses on drafting PILs and fighting for public interest. You will learn the nuances of drafting PILs based on various facts and figures. The module will cover the drafting of PILs in different situations and provide guidance on formulating strategies for effective drafting and pleading. You will also explore the process, procedure, and limitations of filing a writ petition against a private entity.

Module 5: Techniques for Effective Advocacy in Writ Petitions and PILs

In this module, you will delve into the techniques for effective advocacy in writ petitions and PILs. You will learn how to present your case before the bench and develop persuasive arguments. The module will also cover evidentiary value and burden of proof in writ petitions. Through case studies and practical exercises, you will enhance your advocacy skills.

Module 6: Practical Exercises and Case Studies

Module 6 is dedicated to practical exercises and case studies. You will have the opportunity to apply your knowledge and skills through hands-on exercises. The module will provide real-life scenarios and challenges that you may encounter while drafting writ petitions and PILs. This practical approach will further strengthen your understanding of the subject matter.

Module 7: Exam and Certification

To assess your comprehension and skills, Module 7 consists of a final exam. The exam will test your understanding of the course material and evaluate your ability to apply the concepts learned. Upon successful completion of the exam, you will earn the prestigious Advanced Certification in Drafting Writ Petitions and PILs.

Course Details

  • Dates: 17th February to 17th March
  • Total Duration: 10 hours
  • Class Timing: Saturday 7-8 pm and Sunday 10-11 am


The Precision in Practice course is open to law students, legal professionals, and anyone interested in enhancing their skills in drafting writ petitions and PILs. There are no specific eligibility criteria for enrollment.

What Will You Learn?

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Be proficient in drafting different types of writ petitions and PILs
  • Understand the significance of legal research and case analysis in drafting effective petitions
  • Develop skills in structuring petitions and framing prayers
  • Gain insights into the techniques of effective advocacy in writ petitions and PILs
  • Be familiar with landmark cases and challenging situations under writ petitions
  • Have the ability to formulate strategies for effective drafting and pleading
  • Be equipped to fight for public interest through PILs

Certificate of Participation

Upon completion of the Precision in Practice course, you will receive a Certificate of Participation from LegalStix Law School. This certificate will serve as a testament to your enhanced skills and knowledge in drafting writ petitions and PILs.

Refund Policy

We understand that circumstances may change, and you may need to cancel your enrollment. In such cases, we offer a refund policy. Please refer to our website or contact our support team for detailed information on our refund policy.

Enroll in Precision in Practice: Advanced Certification in Drafting Writ Petitions and PILs today and take your legal career to new heights. Don't miss the opportunity to learn from renowned faculty and gain valuable expertise in this crucial aspect of legal practice. Join LegalStix Law School and embark on a journey towards excellence in drafting writ petitions and PILs.


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